Monday, October 25, 2010

MAC and IP addresses tied to theft are no longer

In network management, IP address fraudulent usage is frequent, 涓嶄粎 normal use of the network impact, and because the address of the unauthorized use of authority is often high, thus causing a large number of users of economic loss and potential security hidden. What measures have the greatest possible to avoid such phenomena happen? In order to prevent IP address theft, you can assign the proxy server IP address, the IP address and network card address binding.

For dynamic allocation IP, do a DHCP server to bind the user network card MAC address and IP address, and then set according to different IP rights. For static IP, if using three switches, you can switch ports on each IP address so limited, if someone changes their IP address, then his network was unreasonable. We are now bound for the static IP address to explain an example.

View Network Card MAC Address

Click on "Start", select "Run" and then enter winipcfg command inside, which you can find out your network card address.

Record before the proxy server, allowing network administrators to a static IP address of your Internet records and the address of the computer's network card bundle. Specific command is:

ARP-s 00-EO-4C-6C-08-75

This will be your static IP address of the Internet (assuming that and network card address (assuming a 00-EO-4C-6C-08-75) bound with a computer, even if your IP address stolen can not access through a proxy server. One should note that this command only in the LAN Internet proxy server useful, but also a static IP address, like normal dial-up Modem is a dynamic IP address on does not work.

ARP function of each parameter Introduction

ARP 顨?s 顨?顨?d 顨?顨?a 顨?br />
-S - to the corresponding IP address and physical address of the bundle.

-D - delete the given IP address and physical address of the bundle.

-A - Arp protocol by querying the table to display the IP address and physical address corresponding to the situation.

As a network manager, if the MAC address and IP on the binding flexibility in the use of skilled, it will create a very safe environment conducive to security risks can be greatly reduced.


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Taboo boss (below)

Although the right to a great boss, nor Lvyi act, but must first figure out what they should do, what to do taboo

Create antagonism

Some channels boss, believes a strange theory of management. They think: opposition factions within the company there, is conducive to his own mediator, this way, the opposition parties will rely on him to win the dominant position within the company, so he came to control the situation more conducive.

"No faction within the party, strange," he says, there factional differences within the company, this is also not surprising.

However, if the boss, "incited the masses to struggle," artificially create the internal opposition, it is unworthy. Such action, although the help owners improve the individual's authority, but the cost is: a lot of company resources will be wasted on "friction" on, just not worth it.

Another reason for opposition of faction, is thought by some employers employment. The blind boss to learn Western business practices cloning, the introduction of other people's "two-party system, cabinet system" to encourage the various factions within the company in turn form a cabinet, turns up the stage.

As everyone knows, "涓?湞澶╁瓙涓?湞鑷? and "new monarchs toward", in order to ensure the "New Deal" running smoothly, it is bound to be placed his trusted loyalists.

This time, the boss will be in a dilemma, if withholds the right personnel and how to show support for the new leadership, how to show their "Do Not Suspect?" However, when decentralization continues, often between rival factions would lead to personnel strife, and made both incompatible and ultimately fight was a lose-lose, and made the company debilitating.

Since the creation of internal opposition so harmful, how can this be prevented?

High-pressure policy, is clearly not a wise move, the "precious" and is the root of the problem.

How "and"?

The best way is to train up a new third-party power (or even more power), so that these new forces to act as mediator to resolve disputes.

However, these are just ways to remedy the fault, if we really want to solve this problem, they must follow the following principles: the various factions within the company can restrict each other, but never against each other.

Persecuted hero

The biggest taboo in boss damage, than persecuted hero.

Some bosses have a habit of people whenever men grow to a certain degree of time, we must strive to take the crowd out others.

Some employers, employers are courteous when, and once heroic name on, they began "burning bridges."

Why boss will "burning bridges"?

Reasons include the following: First, the main contributor to power high-shock and told the boss uneasy; second hero there own character weaknesses, so that the boss was intolerable; Third, some hero to be "packet out, day high and the emperor far away" so the boss was difficult to control.

Of course, there are more dark psychological boss. From the outset, they prepare secret: to a certain time, put the old people go to recruit a number of cheap new company, to save staff salary costs.

However, the persecuted hero of the consequences are serious.

First, the persecution of other cadres chilling meritorious will ask, have sought to protect themselves or even to prepare the brain drain;

Second, the persecution of heroic people would call a real deterrent, not coming to work; the villain is take the opportunity to stir up trouble and fish in troubled waters;

Third, the persecuted hero will increase the owner's suspicion, which is increasingly suspicious, and made the company feel insecure, and even deserted.

Therefore, the boss and hero, they should have the "broader picture" of psychology, we give way to each other step, road wider, we have the opportunity to develop.

Wronged good

The last taboo boss is a good man wronged.

As the saying goes: "a good man not good reporting." Why? Because good people often match for bad guys.

Why good match for bad guys?

This is because the good people of the brains used in the "General child" on; bad brains used in the "whole person" on. Ability to locate different professionals, have applauded the people how to fight bad guys off?!

Good not good report, of course, there are leaders fault not tell right from wrong; the other side, many of the "good guys" in the "personnel" was too rigid, too "Jieruchou" too idealistic, often leading to their passive reason.

So, let the good rewarded. On the one hand, they must constantly modify on the "good guys, bad guys" standard, personal likes and dislikes do not start to really selecting empowerment. Meanwhile, the "good guys" must have "good" self-cultivation, not demanding perfection of others, to be tolerant, to understand patience, know how to retreat, the leadership and colleagues to win the trust and respect. (Liang Bingru)

Prevent internal opposition, using high-handed policy, is clearly not a wise move, the "precious" and is the root of the problem.


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dynamic Power-BIV5.4 Chi Aowei grand fat version!

During the past 5 months, Power-BI V5.4 has finally completed the final test, will leave in 2008, 2009, eve (December 28, 2008), officially issued version! 2008 China has too many things: snow, earthquake, Olympics, mining accidents, milk powder incident, the global financial crisis, in addition to the successful staging of the Olympic Games for the Chinese people have short-lived happiness, the other to the Chinese people are brought is suffering and crisis. Aowei wise move of all staff members closely together, after more than 130 days and nights of hard work, finally completed the Power-BI V5.4 planning, development, testing, near the end of 2008 days of the birth of the new version, for small and medium enterprises in China in 2009 brought new expectations of information and opportunities!

The new version, close to market and customer needs, make the following improvements:

1, increase the SQL2005 environment support, full support SQL2000/SQL2005 database environment: given the current ERP has all the support SQL2005, and some enterprises have been using SQL2005 as the database platform, Power-BI special launch For SQL2005 version. SQL2005 in the application of BI has undergone tremendous change, becoming more powerful function and efficiency become more efficient, but at the same time, design and development becomes more complex. We will follow-up version, continue to study the many new features using SQL2005, continuously strengthen the functions of Power-BI.

2, increasing office2007 environment support, full support office2003/office2007 environment: in office2007 environment, the analysis of the chart pattern has been greatly enriched, so that analysis becomes more beautiful.

3, KD version of the support increased K3V8.8 versions, full support K3V8.8 all over to the latest version. As part of the ERP customers If you are using stable, and will not follow the ERP has been upgraded, which is part of the customer for using a long time, accumulating more data, but also the need for historical data analysis.

4, made a lot of intelligent analysis engine optimization:

a) full support for Office 2007, SQL Server 2005 environment;

b) increase the graphic style of the report options can be set by the user on their own graphical style, to make reporting more beautiful;

c) whether the definition can be removed from the result is 0 rows, to avoid unwanted data;

d) Add a direct link excel data source "program compared with the actual" analysis approach, to meet the cost of some enterprises and the actual cost for the program change factors;

5, the system setup is optimized to achieve active service: the basic installation or data update process, if an error occurs, you can automatically send the error files to support dynamic Aowei Chi-mail, and copied to the client contact. Thus, to facilitate timely detection of problems and solve problems, improve customer satisfaction;

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Dwell on a few major legal risks IDC

IDC (Internet Data Center), the Internet data center is to undertake specialized IT outsourcing and professional services for data center network. IDC for all types of users with a safe, reliable, high-speed, scalable network service establishments. It is the business, the Group provide a range of data services users, including value-added applications are based, are an important part of the telecommunications business.

IDC business is divided into three parts, namely, basic services, classes, application service class, value-added services category. Category of basic services, including server hosting, server rental, leased lines, etc.; applied services, including domain services, web hosting, business mail, web site construction; value-added services category includes traffic analysis, bandwidth allocation and network security.

Since 1999, China's first independent telecommunications interconnection century since the establishment of IDC, IDC experienced considerable development. With the increase in the number of IDC, it has gradually improved the law, IDC legal problems faced by gradually increasing.

I, on the IDC's business licensing.

"Telecommunications Regulations," Article VII: "The state of the telecommunications business in accordance with the telecom business segment, practice a licensing system. Operate telecommunications services, must be made in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance, the State Council department in charge of information industry or the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, telecom telecom regulatory authority business license. without obtaining the telecommunications business license, no organization or individual shall not engage in telecommunications business activities. "

Internet data center operators must have "value-added telecommunications business license"; If two or more provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities within the operating value-added telecommunications services, must have "regional value-added telecommunications business license."

Value-added telecom services is the use of public telecommunications network infrastructure facilities and information services for Ye Wu, it Baokuo e-mail, voice mail, online information database storage and retrieval, electronic data interchange, online data processing and transaction processing, Zeng Zhi 浼犵湡, Internet access into services, Internet information services, Internet data center services, etc. (see Ministry of Information Industry, "Classification of Telecommunications Services"). It can be said, IDC's most business types are included in the value-added telecommunications services within the.

Now, many of IDC, the IDC in particular small companies, did not achieve value-added telecommunications business license. Some IDC, the non-commercial website registration website operators to place value-added telecommunications business license. This reflects the IDC market disorder.

Telecommunications, national security concerns. For companies ready to enter the telecommunications industry, the Government adopted a licensing approach. Operate without obtaining permission for the value-added telecommunications services company, is illegal, should be subject to administrative or even criminal penalties.

Recently, government organizations, the "network of anti-pornography", which clearly reflects the determination of the Government prepared to rectify the Internet. The "non-commercial site for the record" initiative, reflects the way the Internet is that government regulation of Internet service providers (particularly the Internet Data Center IDC) of the strictly limited. This is because the Internet as a virtual world, it is difficult to determine a party's subjective identity, and IDC as the Internet data center that is very easy to monitor and control. Therefore, it can be said that the start point of the government control the Internet is that Internet service providers.

Today, in the IDC, many are undocumented operating without a license, personal rental business for several common server operating IDC. Pornographic sites, illegal sites, PW certain extent, reflects the management of IDC confusion unregulated. What is more, some people IDC through false advertising, cheat others of their money. IDC market disorder, to monitor the Internet more difficult.

"Telecommunications Ordinance" provides for the seventh 10, operate telecom services without authorization, or telecommunications services over the scope of business by the State Council department in charge of information industry, or provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities according to the telecommunications administration authority shall order rectification, confiscate the illegal income, the illegal from 3 to 5 times the fine; there are no illegal gains or the illegal gains are less than 50,000 yuan, a fine of 100,000 yuan and 100 yuan shall be imposed; circumstances are serious, shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification.

"Criminal Law" 220th Five articles specify, in violation of state regulations, unauthorized business law, administrative regulations of the exclusive, proprietary items, or other restrictions on the sale of goods, disrupted the market order, in serious cases five years in prison or criminal detention, be fined not less than five times the illegal gains fine; the circumstances are especially serious, at least five years, more than five times the illegal gains and impose a fine or confiscation of property.

Although so far no Xinchan Bu door to increase IDC market management, and However, due to government regulation of Internet start point has been located in the Internet service provider, I believe the Government will in the near future, regulation, standard IDC market.

Second, the technical standards on the IDC

IDC market, the price of the same products are very different. ". Cn" domain name from 50 yuan / year to 200 yuan / year, web hosting from 100 yuan / G to 12 yuan / M. Even if the same product, as lease bandwidth of different databases to support different plug-ins to support various other reasons, there are significant differences. The virtual host, rent servers, etc., to purchase only the starting point, but also a long-term support services.

A good IDC, a good server for the website construction, will greatly promote the development, and a service has been poor in the IDC, the server is not conducive to a stable development of the site. Often hear owners complain that the strike caused because the server alexa ranking fall from the 10,000 or so suddenly hundreds of thousands. In such a situation encountered when the owners, but also the difficulties faced defenders, unable to obtain compensation and other issues. One of the most important reason is the lack of technical standards for IDC services, resulting in IDC responsibility can not be identified, the lack of effective protection of the buyer. This not only causes the IDC industry decline in the overall quality of service, but also against the IDC to provide quality services loyal to the interests of enterprises.
Through access to relevant information and was informed, in 2003, China led the development of Guoneishoubu million net hosting industry service standards. The standard three dozen of important indicators detailed description of the virtual host should have a qualified service features. And the standard is only developed by the Chinese million net, at best, is a business standard for the industry are not binding. Moreover, from various sources and can not get the standard text, but also very much doubt the authenticity of the news. Even more ridiculous is that now HiChina Web site, can not find the slightest trace of the standard.

IDC service has certain technical content, and measure the IDC services, to judge from many aspects. If the IDC industry, government technical standards issued by the authority, not only help address the disorderly competition in the industry caused by the low quality of services in general confusion, but also provide consumers with a favorable Rights weapons.

Third, improve the service contract for the issue of IDC

Because IDC market disorder and are not standardized, many IDC hosting companies in the consumer purchase, rent server time, not with the consumers to sign service contracts. Perhaps this is a hidden danger in future disputes.

IDC service process, many problems may arise, such as the bandwidth provided by telecommunications instability Zaocheng host Daikuan instability, You Yu host is a malicious attack causing another site has been inaccessible, since hackers caused by invasion of the host system, data loss, since web site content infringement law IDC was forced to delete and so on.

Even if the infringement as a result of a third defect IDC services, but because of the principle of Relativity, the purchaser of services for IDC IDC defects can still be requested to bear liability for breach of contract.

Therefore, in the contract for these contingencies arising from the necessary exemptions IDC agreed to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Enter into a service contract is not to evade responsibility for IDC, but to provide better service.

The practice, many companies have ignored IDC this point.

Fourth, the indirect infringement on the IDC

IDC hosts in rental sale, rental racks, and other services in the virtual host as the Internet, "intermediate service" appears, and Internet content providers to distinguish.

Among service providers is to provide specialized services to facilitate the exchange of body contact between the parties. Internet service providers typically include transmission among hosts, host of information, communication services, communication facilitation services.

Now the Internet service provider among the legal profession to establish a new legal subject process. It differs from traditional publishers. That's because the network is a free, virtual society. Intermediate service providers face every day is a great volume of information flow, not as a traditional publisher, as each review the legality of the information, not only is unrealistic. Judicial practice, the intermediate service provider liability, more of a breach of statutory duty of care responsibilities.

America's "Digital Millennium Copyright Act" provides for a very special system of "notice and remove the" system. The system provides the user instructions to store information, if not click behavior among service providers are not liable for any tort liability, does not know the information or the use of information act of infringement; does not provide the information from behavior of economic benefits; once infringement notice information shall be promptly removed or disable access to infringing information. Otherwise, the intermediate service provider shall undertake to stop infringement, damages, an apology and other civil tort liability.

In April, the National Copyright Administration, Ministry of Information Industry jointly issued the "Internet Copyright Protection." The way to absorb the "World Copyright Treaty," United States "Digital Millennium Copyright Act" and other international treaties and foreign laws, reference to the U.S. "notice and remove the" system, established a "notice and counter-notice" system. The establishment of an effective system of protection among service providers as one of the IDC's right. But with the introduction of this approach, intermediate service providers should be based on the approach to develop an effective "counter-notice and notice" mechanism to effectively avoid the risk of indirect infringement.

Of course, "Internet Copyright Protection" only belongs to department rules, only the reference in the judicial application of application; and as part of the executive regulations for civil infringement cases are not binding on the network. However, this approach can be seen from the Government for the network indirect way of assuming responsibility for infringement of a trend. Promulgated in the future, "Information Network Transmission Right Protection Rule", will certainly further improve.

Therefore, IDC as an intermediate service provider, according to "Copyright Law" and other relevant provisions, in the company a "notice and counter-notice" system, for the law to avoid the risk of IDC is very necessary.


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Computer sounded the same side, "Chong Fenghao"

Recently, the nation's leader in the PC industry - with the computer side, the joint Lenovo, Founder, 12 trillion and Japan, focusing on PC manufacturing, software development and chip production in the IT business, opened in Beijing of "China Information Security to build DNA - China's own joint conference of trusted computing products. " This means that by the pilot's own computer with the side trusted computing industry, will formally assume the responsibility to defend China's information security.

At the meeting, Vice President Li Jianhang Company, Limited on behalf of 12 companies attending the speech, and co-released with independent intellectual property rights of trusted computing products. He said: "China's independent release of trusted computing products, is the government and the Chinese national enterprises, the results of co-operation; the results to the development of trusted computing in China entered a new stage, and to promote the healthy development of national information security industry. "National 863 Plan Theme Group of Experts on Information Security Technology, the National Informatization Expert Advisory Committee FENG Deng also focus on introducing the computer with the side of trusted computing products, he said:" the same side in the business computer, home computers, laptops, full line of high-performance workstation and server products, are implanted into the autonomous trusted computing technology to create a systematic and large scale industrial system, and developed a high availability of the technology platform, great promotional value. "

Looking at the world, in the Internet age, the importance of information security has reached unprecedented levels, but also trusted computing industry into a high-speed development stage; from a national perspective, trusted computing industry must have the autonomy to really defend the motherland The IT territorial security. Today, with the computer with the side joint 12 IT companies released independently of trusted computing products, the dream has finally become a reality. Not long ago, by the host computer with the side, "Computer World" newspaper contracted "computer application based on the safety of TCM" seminar held in Beijing. Business secret from the State Office, General Staff confidential Bureau of Safety Standards Committee of the leadership of well-known information security experts and representatives of various industries all at the user's key, and praised the same side of computers in the field of exploration and Trusted Computing contribution, while the pilot with the Chinese side the computer industry more independent of trusted computing can be described as "ripe."

With a strong technical background and scientific and technological strength, leading a new era of computer security computer with the side, now standing industry high ground. Industry experts point out, with the party committed to innovation, breakthrough, not only will further enhance the competitiveness of the brand itself, but also will promote China's information security technology development process. As Li Jianhang said: "Information security is a fundamentally important issue concerns the country is the world's IT industry can not avoid a major challenge." Eradicate the problem of information security, is an arduous and vast engineering. Today, the computer sounded the same side of the "Chong Fenghao" sound of the Chinese nation and the technology industry's elite, the backbone of work published independent trusted computing products, has taken a key step toward victory; tomorrow, with the the independent development of trusted computing industry, health, national IT industry, will take off with the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation in the world of the Orient.

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PS make water polo with transmitted light effect

1. To create a new file in Photoshop, 100x100 size, RGB mode, the background fill color # 006666, add a layer to create a 80 * 80 round, filled with white results shown in Figure 01:

Figure 01

2. The map 02copy to the white circle on the floor and then select Layer / Group with Previous Watermark pictures with a mobile tool will move to the position shown in Figure 03

Figure 02

Figure 03

3. With the size of "100" the Eraser Tool and down the left side of clean, transparent set to "50%", and then wipe the small number of the Eraser Tool circular boundary short, the ultimate effect will be achieved as shown in Figure 04 the.

Figure 04

4. Add a layer, with the Airbrush Tool printing on the right side near the rounded part of the foreground color set to black, Airbrush transparency can be set to 20-40, the size can be 35 or 45 of the Airbrush, short, ultimately to Figure 05 the effect will become.

Figure 05

5. Add a layer, draw a 20 * 12 large oval, white filling, this oval to the right turn 45 degree angle, and then placed in the position shown in Figure 06, I point at its edge a few white spots, so that it looks like there are a few bubbles around

Figure 06

6. Add a layer, draw a 80 * 80 white round, and then use Cut method available as shown in Figure 07, a white crescent lines, the same way, I also made a small white crescent lines placed in the left position of the results shown in Figure 07

Figure 07

7. Will have a white crescent set the transparency of the layer lines is shown in Figure 08 have 40% of the translucent effect, and finally, I was not too strongly with the shadow.

Figure 08

This tutorial does not step into every detail is clear, but only briefly introduce the production process, interested users may want to have carefully studied this lovely water polo.

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